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     ...РЕЛИЗ ДНЯ! / Release Date: 06 Apr, 2015
Originally released on ‘Wide Open EP’ in 2007, The Gift receives a long-due remix treatment by the Theomatic clique. A spaced-out ‘Celestial Lullaby’ mix (seasoned with the delightful guitar verses by Tony K. of D-Pulse) is followed by a dancefloor-friendly version from Amberflame, culminating with ‘Mediterranean’ mix – the self-explanatory rendition by D-Pulse – a top-notch, two-piece excursion into the sound of contemporary balearica. The original re-mastered version is, of course, present and sounds as fresh and deep as back in the day.

1. The Gift ('Celestial Lullaby' Mix)
2. The Gift (Amberflame Remix)
3. The Gift (D-Pulse 'Mediterranean' Mix Part I and II)
4. The Gift (Original)

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