понедельник, 1 февраля 2016 г.

рубрика :::NUTUNES::: Bordello A Parigi

      ...ТРЕК ДНЯ! / After its debut release on Viewlexx in 2004 and a split 12" with Machinegewehr on Otto Kraanen's imprint Bordello A Parigi a couple of years ago, A Visitor From Another Meaning, aka Dutch hero Alden Tyrell, is back on vinyl! This is a collection of four unreleased tracks by the man himself, entitled "Lost Encounters 1", and if you're into classic eighties soundtracks (Carpenter, Moroder, Vangelis and the likes) this should most definitely be your kind of tackle. As a little teaser, here is an exclusive stream of A2 "I Rarely Talk To Strangers" provided to you by Les Yeux Orange. The track is an epic nu-italo number with all the necessary ingredients : solid drums, driving bass, arpeggiated synths and of course epic chord progression. The rest of the record is equally good and it's out on February 1st so check it out for more of this old-style Tyrell madness!

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